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to transform not only lives but transform the systems because the systems need to be healing systems. as obama says, we need to start uttering healing words. president obama said that at the tucson memorial. we have to start uttering healing words to one another instead of wounding words. what we are trying to do is create systems -- school systems and juvenile justice system is that he'll instead of juvenile justice systems and school systems that continue to wound our youth. >> can i just say something about the systems of discipline in schools? so that before it even gets to the place where it is an issue, is that those systems definitely need changing. the question that parents need to ask when they have been told that their child has been involved in some misbehavior is to ask what was happening? what were the conditions? what were the circumstances? what were the antecedence that led to this behavior? because if we do not fix those, we will seed the systems you talk about. [applause] it is amazing how many young people can be turned back from negative behavior if the situation is appropr
in this transition of purpose but always a sense of community. two years ago, when president obama became president of the united states, he made his inaugural address and said, i want swift, bold action now. to address the needs of the american people. one week and one day after that speech, the house of representatives passed the recovery act. and then it became law in a matter of weeks after that. i tell you this because this was a bold, swift action that put resources out there to meet them at the natiothe imagination and, and san francisco has always been a leader in terms of posing a model that is worthy of national support. so because of his speech, our swift actions, but most of all, because of the sense of community that city officials in san francisco saw here, and because of the ongoing leadership of the tenderloin neighborhood development corp., people's lives will be changed. when you hear speeches and wonder what is that all about? president obama's speech is now being translated into a better life for many more people who live here or receive services here. the recovery act is very i
and senate. on june 25, president obama met with members of the house and senate. i congresswoman wrote this down, who is the granddaughter of the immigrant herself. her grandfather emigrated with plans of becoming a cowboy to the united states. it did not quite work out that way. president obama said the time for a comprehensive immigration reform is here. he said this on june 25 with hopes we would have a compehensive immigration reform introduced by the end of this year or the beginning of next. i'm sure none of us thought that health care reform with kuwaitae quite so long. our time has been pushed back a little bit. the immigration subcommittee has been working 12 hour per day. all the pieces are together. we have been working on how to build consensus around those pieces and how to best put together the most viable will. the senate and house have come froconferred. the senate will go first. it's imperative that the senate be able to move forward and get those 60 votes in order for us to know that at the end of the effort, there will be a bill going to the president. we are waiting
, the day after president obama signed the health bill that suddenly the newspaper said that here is the checklist of what was in the bill. after the debate. so, the polls reflected ignorance. drawn up. gamesmanship and partisanship. it was only after the bill that became much more positive. >> pat, you are an investor who invest in media. let me ask you, is this -- given these business challenges facing the media, is it realistic to expect venture capitalists to fund new journalism? >> very much so. the history of media in this country and around the world is one of constant technological change. all of these different new technologies were supposed to ruin the business. about every 20 years something like this comes along. big media organizations try to cope with it. in their day, cable was new media. radio was new media. satellite was new media. if you look in the bay area where we work, you can see the big technology magazines based here going through the chair -- same changes as the big news bailey's. founded by guys like me, adding voices to the commentary about the world of
for all of us with obama in the administration. i'm personally very proud of the work that he has done, that we have done here in san francisco among a wide array of voters and to be elected by what many consider the last batchtyon of president african-american community in after, it is a special honor to be here today buff. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mirkarimi is here with us but before he calms -- comes up -- comes up i want to mention ralph lewin, with the california huh-uh -- humanities council here with us also. we have a number of other elected and appointed officialed and at i said to them earlier, i was ansigned the task of introducing -- i was ansigned the tasking introducing them and don't have the list but i was specifically threatened bim dr. torea moses if i didn't many introduce him. ing [laughter] or without further ado, supervisor ross mirkarimi. >> i'll make my statements we -- very quick. i just came out of charing the public safety committee meeting. there's a lot be to talk about. i want to say another happy congratulations on black hi
jintao paid a visit to this country and held productive talks with president obama. both our leaders declared their commitment to building a cooperative the partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefits. his visit is important and will surely give new impetus to the overall development of our bilateral relations. in all 50 states, the state of california and san francisco, in particular, will benefit from this. this year is also a remarkable year for san francisco. for the first time in its 162- year history, you have and we have four asian american supervisors. and the first time in history, we have a chinese-american mayor. it is not only, i think, a recognition of asian americans, chinese americans, but of the contribution to the overall development to the city, and also, a vivid expression of the cultural makeup of san francisco which made the city so dynamic, strong and beautiful. ladies and gentlemen, the chinese counsel stands ready to work with you in the future to work and make san francisco -- as mere ly said -- the best gateway to china. i thank you for your atte
's -- "dear president obama." dear president obama i hope you can change all the problems our world faces, the war in iraq, the war in afghanistan, pal istine and global warming. i am from california and in the valley here, people, especially from latin america, are getting sick in -- working in the fields for hours every day for little pay and no health care. please help them because without them no one could even be vegetarian the sincerely, natalie. >> sometimes desperate for attention but not rebellious. i don't have bad influences and i try hard not to give in to peer pressure but somewhere along the road someone calms long with temptation close to their side and offers me whatever they got, but do i get the power to say no? always sitting blankly at the sky hoping for a miracle to happen, hoping someone will come around to understand. i don't want toys anymore and i don't want it show my baby pictures and if i'm crazy and loud then you're insane and rude and if today is not our day, so be it, there is always tomorrow. thank you. >> ok. the average american dream and dreamer built dr
the obama health care plan. government does not have the foggiest clue what is happening amongst governments. that is what i am worried about. technology is such that widens the gap. we know less about each other in this fragmented media landscape. >> the audience is now welcome to ask a question. if you have one, please line up over here. right here on the fourth row. perfect. let's take a question. ok. >> two quick questions, mr. eldon. publishers of old media do not desire diverse viewpoints. i knew that the panel would consist of whites and a couple of token black females before i left my apartment. my workplace, there are more eyeballs every time "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" combine over a 24 hour time period. you are biased as well. do not say that times are bad. i hear that around the world. russia, bangladesh. do you? >> radical web sites supporting puppets. >> let's address diversity. a thank-you. he mentioned, i guess, paraphrasing, there's not much diversity in the local media. sandy, what would you like to say about -- maybe i should ask one of the professor
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 83 (some duplicates have been removed)